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  • Bachelor of Applied Arts

    • Broadcast and Cinematic Arts,

    • Theatre and Interpretation, and Multimedia Design.

  • Masters of Science

    • Student Affairs Administration

I aspire to use my passion for film, personal development, and story development to better myself, and those around me.

Technical Skills

Final Cut Pro | Final Draft | Sony NX5U | Canon Rebel | Multicamera Setup | Filming Techniques | Google Suite | Administration | Blender | Unreal 5

Soft Skills

​Attention to Detail | Supervision | Positive Attitude | Awareness of Production Process | Creative Problem Solving | Critical Thinking | Storytelling


I began my career in higher education as a Resident Assistant at Central Michigan University. After three years in that position, my supervisor recommended I look into a career in higher education. In my experience as a Resident Assistant, I knew I liked working with college students, and I thought that I would be able to help more people by pursuing a role in higher education.

Soon after, I began work and study at Arkansas Tech University. I quickly learned my style of leadership is based on the philosophy that respect is earned, not given. To me, a supervisor is only as strong as the team around them. In student affairs, the professionals are there to guide the development of students, in whatever direction they choose to move.

Now, I am seeking opportunities to further develop my experiences in the film industry. I am working with those in my network to make every moment count so that one day I can run my own production company and produce world-famous stories.


Every moment of my life, even while I sleep, I think in terms of story. Each individual I meet, I think of who they are and what brought them to be here and now. I enjoy making narratives and developing lore around everything. One day I hope to find a job as a writer where I can create stories on both the macro and micro level. It is the thrill of creation that drives me, and it has made me in to the self-motivated, self-aware person I am today.


In terms of creativity and motivation, I am well suited for the job of a writer. However, when it comes to actual job experience I am limited to school and internships, with personal projects carrying a lot of weight. In order to obtain the experience, I need to be successful in the job, I need to find a realistic project that can stand on its own.

Core Values

Honest | Genuine | Positive | Problem Solving | Consistency | Creativity | Respect

Strengths Quest​

Analyzer | Listener | Context | Strategic | Consistency

My Story

My dream is to own a production company that produces unique and entertaining stories.

In high school, I focused primarily on video classes and spent most of my time making short films and editing our newscast. I continued my pursuit of film and narrative work into college at Central Michigan University, where I received a Bachelors of Applied Arts in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, Multimedia Design, and Theatre and Interpretation. I participated in Moore Hall Television where I developed some stories and produced one episode of "Cinema Talks". I also worked at MacTv for a summer where I produced weekly reports on events in the surrounding area such as the Highland Festival, and Demolition Derby.

I then pursued a master's degree at Arkansas Tech University, where I worked as a Resident Director that managed a student staff team, and the building we resided in. I used my film experience many times throughout the year on entertaining informational videos and even a short film where I had my staff work with me to write an "Office" style show. Towards the end of the program, I joined a mod team: Mount and Blade Bannerlord: Separatist Crisis, where I volunteer my time working as a Mission Designer to create questlines, stories, various administrative work, and world development/balancing. During this project, I realized my interest in game and story development.

Growing up I always created stories. I have hundreds of documents saved and organized cataloging the variety of adventures I facilitated for my friends. Also in the hundreds of documents I saved are story ideas, intriguing dreams that could lead to story moments, and game mechanic ideas. I spent one year creating Minecraft gameplay for YouTube, I learned a lot about staying consistent with deadlines and did my best to create interesting stories to experience in each episode. I spend a lot of my time developing stories. I also delved into Dungeons and Dragons and enjoyed creating homebrew adventures, primarily set in the Star Wars universe.

My better work includes the Fractal Nature Series, a series I created, which I plan on turning into a large franchise with multiple eras for feature-length films, and an adventure game to explore. I also have written The Twins series for television. So far I have worked to produce The Twins pilot episode and am near completion of a first draft, with voices, sound effects, music, and storyboard. All that's left is to improve its quality and hopefully find my audience.

Finally, I have begun work to create Geib Productions, the company I hope to turn into my dream job. I networked with the people I have met along my journey to develop a business plan and the content needed to turn this dream into a reality.